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Title: Language chooser bug
Post by: ronsed on June 12, 2021, 11:24:58 PM
1. I have created Polish menu, copied all the modules and templates (just as it is done originally for English and Spanish).
2. I have deactivated Spanish and published Polish content.

1. No Polish menu is being displayed...  when I open the main page (Polish menu position is a default position)
2. No Polish content is being displayed.
3. When I switch to English it looks better (but featured modules are gone)
4. When I switch back to Polish it redirects me to another domain!!! - How is that possible???

How can I fix that?
Title: Re: Language chooser bug
Post by: Vince Wooll on June 16, 2021, 11:32:38 AM
I'm afraid I can't really advise you about that because it's not Jomres related. I can only recommend that you follow these instructions very closely.
Title: Re: Language chooser bug
Post by: ronsed on June 17, 2021, 12:43:48 AM
I have done many multiligual sites before...
I know this article. Read that many times before.
The problem is it seems there is a problem to assign new language menu to the template... Which btw is made by and idiot, not taking under consideration that ordinary people used to let's say joomla 1.x, joomla 1.5, 1.6. and so on, who are used to modules positions, names... now need to understand a new logic of editing a template.
And in this case it is extremely stupid...  :-[

There is no menu module!
So where does it take the English menu from?
If I knew that, I could copy the same solution...

So when you say I't not jomres... then i slap my face with a facepalm...

1. I  didn't choose this template - you did.
2. I didn't write the code of jomres - you did.
3. I didn't choose to make jomres for joomla - you did.
4. I'm not selling jomres - you do.

Putting these all four together, I'm expecting real support, otherwise we're talking like BMW, saying we won't help you - The engine was designed by a subcontractor - ask them.

Sorry for that, but it touches the philosophy of principles, responsibility, civil law, marketing and so on.
I wish there was no reason for such topic or post.
But my friend working for some company asked me to build a site just like yours, I said O.K. he paid for for jomres, and his boss is getting angry that we can't finish this project.

So lets start again in a new topic.
I'm gonna be your free  beta-tester, so we both can learn something about joomla, jomres, and that weird template, and what should be done for jomres to make it more logical, that the way it is now.

Shall we?

Fresh install and I'll ask questions step by step.

Title: Re: Language chooser bug
Post by: Vince Wooll on June 18, 2021, 10:32:58 AM
Ok, if you've done many multilingual sites before then you are more of an expert than I am.

Please let me remind you of the support policy here

The Leohtian template is a gift, a freebie. I don't charge for it, it's purpose is to give you something to work with, nothing more and I don't provide support for it. I strictly only provide support for Jomres itself, that's already enough work.

You're welcome to use another template (or template framework, if that's your bag) if you're familiar with another system. You're absolutely not forced to use Leohtian but if you use another template based on another version of Bootstrap and not BS3 then please remember to visit Admin > Jomres > Settings > Site Configuration > Misc tab and tell Jomres to use the appropriate template set, for example Bootstrap 2.

The problem you are experiencing is not with Jomres. Jomres doesn't do anything with languages except use it's own language strings depending on the language defined in the URL, as you can see here

Once it knows the active language, it choose the appropriate language file. That's it.

If you're having a problem with the redirection URL once you have added a new language then ergo is must be something to do with your configuration.

Given that T3 is a framework, I did some googling for you and found these results :

Hopefully they will be helpful for you.

As I said earlier, please remember that you're not forced to use Leohtian. There are plenty of other free templates you can use if you want, if you're more comfortable with them.